Felles Photonic is special technical troops for sales, we still get large contract value orders during the economy crisis of 2008.
Felles Photonic is very is powerful to start business and expand market for manufacturing, bellowing cases show some  first instrument sold for manufacturers.
•Sell the first laser engraver for Baublys laser GmbH to China customer   in 2003.
•Sell a laser marker manufactured by  to Shanghai Oriken in 2005.
•Help inno-spec gmbH to sell its first spectrometer to China in 2008
•Sell  the first laser micromachining stage for Nutec in China in 2008
• Sell the first fs laser micromachining integration service for Altechna in 2010.e
•Sell  Laser system  to Baosteel Shanghai.
•Sell  laser  instruments to GM Shanghai
•Sell  laser  instruments to Volkswagen-FAW in Changchun
•Sell  laser to  Hyundai  Beijing

* Felles Photonic has sold instruments to all key universities and research institution in China, covering business all of China.
* Felles Photonic follow  the wave of China's e-commerce, invested a lot of money and manpower to build China's best instruments website, with perfect SEO features, rapid exposure of products, product information delivered to customers around quickly, open    the market and get steady Sales opportunities quickly.
*The company's products website also has an online service function, to provide users with mobile phones, WeChat and computer, and many other forms of interactive inquiry and services